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Time's Infamy (A Poem)

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I often ask myself if I'm coming or going, since the time never ceases and the waters continue flowing. I get up every day with you on my mind, that shadowy figure that I often try to release with many a glass of wine.

I thought I revealed you at 17, 21, 24, 27 & 32; but all were deceptions of my hope, trivial compared to you. Blurred visions of a hug, kiss, smile or caress are all the things of you in which I know best. People often tell me that in time the haze will lift and you will be revealed to me; but it's becoming so long that the truth is, I wonder if it will ever be.

So many around me are lacking my solitude at night; leaving my smile to bleed alone, because all I want is for you to hold me tight. With a heart so earnest, pure and ready....I extend my hand to you waiting for that saving reciprocity if you'd let me.

My shadowy figure bathes in a haze and serenely enflamed glow, our truths are all we need to be exchanged and mend the hearts the threads our love will sew.

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