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Love: the definitive response to life that has the potential to leave us fulfilled, longing, or vulnerable. For Reign La’Roche, the only thing she’s felt for months has been loss and heartache, combined with a few fleeting moments of contentment. But as she continues on her trail of discovery and revelation, reverting to her former self can no longer be an option. Still unsure of the woman fate deemed she was destined to become, Reign collides headfirst with a conflict of interest that leaves her, once more, questioning everything.

While continuing to wrestle with her feelings for the handsome and enticing Krystian King, unexpected tragedy ensues yet again. When Detective Dominic Amoureux of the New Orleans Police Department is forced into her already complicated life, Reign is anything but prepared. The detective is a striking man, and his inexplicable lure eventually has her contemplating sharing innermost secrets. But, when she finds out that the handsome detective is harboring skeletons of his own, Reign must decide on the only thing left in her complete control. Will she be driven into Dominic’s waiting arms and an illicit passion, or return to a star-crossed love with Krystian that she thought had been forever lost.

Eternal Love Paperback

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