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Quotes & Inspiration

Love, inspiration, passion & knowledge are all keys to restoring & strengthening African (American) culture.  We must refuse to be defined by what was, but instead,  by who we have chosen to become. 

*Speak to your life and tell it your expectations.  Today realize that your reality is in YOUR hands and never ever limit yourself to a "realistic" vision.  Realism and normalcy are fallacies; so move your mountains and shift your stars.  Dream big and make your entire life reverberate with your immortal footsteps.

*A dream deferred will remain just that until you decide to give it life.  Waiting until tomorrow is dangerous, because it gives most people a false sense of comfort.  And comfort, if taken lightly, can modify a dream from deferment to death.

*Live like it is your first day instead of your last.  Walk through life with new eyes, passion, zeal and unjaded purpose.  For if we live like it's our last, we will make decisions that leave no hope, promise or joy for the days to come.

*That moment when you are reminded of the person you are and all that you deserve... then you're left dumbfounded because you can't believe you ever forgot.  

Move boldly and unapologetically!

*Live as though your life depended on it.

*Everything happens for a reason.  If you are receptive and open yourself to divine purpose, the most amazing things can and will be revealed.  But when you view and receive life with negative energy, you focus on (thereby calling forth) negative energy.

*Remain heavily armored, focused and impervious while in the midst of your war.

*A person can only push you as far as you are willing to fall.

*"Oh well" is far less regrettable than "what if".

*Be accountable for yourself and your actions.

*Allow your light to shine brightly and completely, regardless of how uncomfortable others may become.  

*Life is short.  So dream constantly, love completely, live passionately and dance in the rain.

*Learn from your past so that you may protect and secure your future.

*Never allow another person to change and prevent you from becoming the amazing person you were born to be.

*Life may pass in the blink of an eye, but memories are eternal.

*Speak your truth......then live it!

*There will be times when your peace requires you to be silent, even when you may be right.

*Life is neither a struggle nor a is a war.  Forge your armor in the hotest of fires and keep it polished that it my blind your adversaries.

*You are more than enough.  Now read it again,

*It does not matter how big or small your dream is.  Just dream the hell out of it and keep energy in the actions behind the manifestation.

*When you speak it, believe it and walk in it as though it's done.  Allow it no alternative options and it will manifest.

*Never allow someone to stop you from going after what you want.  No one should have that much power over you.

*Be the light amid the darkness.

*Some of us were meant to lead, while others were meant to follow.  No matter what role you partake, recognize it, then play the hell out of it.  Remember, there are no small roles...just small minds.

*You must continuously work on improving yourself, because sometimes you are the problem.

*When you exude strength, assuredness and self-confidence, people will respond to your presence as such.

*You were not created to pacify the spirit of fear, nor were you molded with the intent to be intimidated.

*Oftentimes accountability is the bigger picture. 

*There may be people who will take joy in triggering you.  However, if you allow their willful ignorance to displace your peace, you've granted them power over you.  Stay in control.

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