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Preserving Our Past to Enlighten Our Future

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Indigo Flame is an brand centrically focused on empowering, uplifting, educating & destigmatizing the African descended American population in the United States.  For centuries, African Americans have survived & thrived amid collectively targeted dehumanization, multiple mass massacres, and culture castration.  Through many trials, the African American population has continued to repeatedly fight, adapt, overcome and rebuild itself; however, stigmatization & cultural appropriation maintain a lingering effect stemming from the times of slavery and segregation.

Enlightenment and reiterating the beauty and richness of African (American) culture is the cornerstone of Indigo Flame.  As we strive to tear down walls and build bridges, it is important that history is embraced while remaining intact. 


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots".

Marcus Garvey

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