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Make America Great

I spend a lot of my time thinking. I think about my life, the lives of my children, the growth and development of my brand and the people I’ve loved and lost. Daily I’m swamped with thoughts, needs, wants and day by day I incorporate a little more advancement to those mental feelings. My thoughts, more often than not, are also inclusive of the struggles I see in society. Sometimes my perception regarding situations may not be very popular, but nevertheless, I always try to remain true to my views and beliefs.

Lately a notion has been plaguing my mind concerning how drastically the world has been changing in recent times. Instead of becoming progressive, we are being one another. It seems as though the more humanity sets out to build one another up socially and economically, the more detriment evolves like a plague causing a systematic regression.

Every day I see the many that desire to conform to the same model of a person, the same structure of life, using the same methods of achievement. Individualization is in rare form, and the main problem with that is humanity was not designed to be one vast clone of itself. We’ve become a carbon copy society whose sole desire is to have what the next person has: a big butt, blue eyes, designer shoes and so on.

There are also the taught and praised cycles of violence that bring cruelty to mainstream media for “likes”. Nowadays, so much of so many individuals’ nature is nothing short of barbaric. We’ll record a murder, then wait to document the death before calling for help; that is, if anyone tries to help at all. So what gratification does one gain from being simply an onlooker to another’s misfortune? None other than the highly sought after and prized viral status.

Living zombies; sadly that's the only way I can describe the state of the majority in this country today and in recent years. We as Americans always claim to be the best. However, what we produce from the womb of this nation is intolerance, hatred, mass self-hatred, ideology, narcissism and greed. Are the Utopian ideals of a productive society without famine, brutality, or poverty really what Americans want; or are the words of betterment merely a façade for the ugly truth?

Hunger, violence, fear & poverty is what keeps a people subdued & in a controllable state. Welfare for example, is given only to those that do less. The more you do for the betterment of your situation, the more gets taken away. Now, I’m not saying that public assistance should be used as a crutch of sorts; however, its current method of implementation enables its long term beneficiaries and frustrates those that have fallen on hard times and are merely seeking a momentary hand. Conversely, the need for things is so rampant and is thrown in our path so constantly that it has become unavoidable and consuming. So now there’s an epidemic of spending what we don’t have to visually prove our worth materialistically.

Why are we, as a society, so afraid of truths revelations? There's so much going on around us, but we refuse to open our eyes. Is it the proverbial mirror that has scared us into silence and submission, or is there a fear of being different and singled out? The mentality and standing of this country that so many are believing could be great again makes me afraid for generations to come. Think about it, by what standard are we comparing past greatness for our current model? Was it slavery? Maybe it was the civil war? How about the great depression, the Watergate scandal or the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Could it be the need for the civil rights movement, assassination of Dr. King or Malcolm X, or the beating of Rodney King?

But even with all of our flaws, I still see a shimmer of hope for a country that has the potential for excellence; but we must base it on the future, not the past. This land has a soul that refuses to be stagnant, though buried under a mound of lies, ugliness and standards of beauty. In order for this country to change who she is, we must look in the mirror, see who we truly are….and become the best versions of our self. Then, and only then, can America be great.

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